Kinetic Regularities of the Processes of Accumulation and Destruction of Microorganisms in Water at Bubbling of the Different Gases

Kineticі of microorganisms accumulation (the first stage) and destruction (the second stage) in water dispersion in the air atmosphere and at bubbling of oxygen, argon and helium has been investigated. The accumulation of microorganism takes place in oxygen and in the air atmosphere at the first stage. The microorganisms destruction was observed at bubbling of the system by argon, helium during the whole process, however, in the air atmosphere and oxygen – in the second stage. 

Starch Dispersion in Water under Ultrasonic Treatment

Decomposition of starch grains in water dispersion and destruction of starch macromolecules in water solutions at acoustic cavitation has been investigated. Kinetics of this process is described by the first order process. Based on experimental data the rate constants have been found. Mathematical model based on found equations and experimental rate constants allows describing the kinetics of starch grains and starch macromolecules destruction in water as well as the change of relative viscosity of starch solution under ultrasonic treatment.

Obtaining Peculiarities and Properties of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Copolymers with Hydrophobic Vinyl Monomers

Polymerization of hydrophobic vinyl monomers in polyvinylpyrrolidone aqueous solutions has been investigated under ultrasonic treatment. The effect of ultrasound on the destruction of water-soluble polymeric matrices has been examined. The obtaining mechanism of block- and grafted copolymers of vinyl monomers with polyvinylpyrrolidone has been proposed. The copolymers have been synthesized as films and their main properties, physico-mechanical and sorption-diffusive, in particular, have been investigated.