catalytic activity

Nanostructured Magnetically Sensitive Catalysts for the Fenton System: Obtaining, Research, Application

Nanostructured “shell-shell” type catalysts, which consist of a magnetically sensitive core of cobalt ferrite and a protective layer of porous SiO2, have been synthesized. On the surface of porous SiO2 clusters of copper oxide are situated playing the role of catalytic centers. The structure of CoFe2O4 / SiO2 / CuO catalyst was confirmed by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Hydrotrope-Induced Micellar Phase of Sodium Dodecyl Slfate as New Detergent for Extraction and Stabilization of Proteins

X-ray phase analysis and IR spectroscopy data have confirmed a gel-like nature of sodium dodecyl sulfate micellar phase induced by sodium chloride and salicylic acid additives. This phase essentially consists of water (ωH2O > 50 %), which is connected with main components of the micellar-extraction system through intermolecular hydrogen bonds. Capacity of such micellar phase to quantitatively extract of proteins (R > 94 %) with saving of their catalytic activities and dispersity was found.

Electrodeposition of Functional Cobalt-Silver and Cobalt-Tungstean Alloys

The kinetic mechanism of cobalt-silver and cobalt-tungsten alloys electrodeposition from citrate-pyrophosphate and citrate electrolyte correspondingly has been established. The influence of electrolyte component ratios as well as polarization pulse on/off time ratios on cobalt alloy composition and its current efficiency has been determined. The cobalt-silver and cobalt-tungsten alloys have been shown to possess catalytic and anticorrosion properties.