Rubber Crumb Modified Bitumen Produced from Crude Oils Residuals of Ukrainian Deposits

The main regularities of the modification with a rubber crumb for bitumen produced from the residuals of crude oils of Ukrainian deposits have been studied. The thermal stability of the rubber crumb has been examined using the derivatograpgy. The mechanism of bitumen modification with the rubber crumb at low and high temperatures has been established. The influence of technological factors on the main quality indices of modified bitumen has been studied. The changes in the group composition of the original and modified bitumen were found.

Monomethacrylate derivative of ed-24 epoxy resin and its application

Resin derivative containing methacrylic fragment and free epoxy group at the same time has been synthesized via chemical modification of ED-24 epoxy dianic resin by methacrylic acid. The structure of the synthesized product has been confirmed by IR-spectroscopic investigations. Derivatography was used to determine the thermal stability of the synthesized compound. It has been suggested to use methacrylate derivative of ED-24 epoxy resin as a component of epoxy-oligoesteric and bitumen-polymeric mixtures.