WifiZoneCloud: A Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Hotspot Platform

Today, there are millions of Wi-Fi hotspots available by diverse service providers such as operators, public spaces, enterprises, and even cities. With the developments on OpenRoaming approach, cloud federation, automatic global roaming, efficient user onboarding and network automation have become important requirements for stakeholders within the ecosystem.


Systems for detecting network intrusions and detecting signs of cyber attacks on information systems have long been used as one of the necessary lines of defense of information systems. Today, intrusion and attack detection systems are usually software or hardware-software solutions that automate the process of monitoring events occurring in the information system or network, as well as independently analyze these events in search of signs of security problems.

Principles of Monitoring and Control of the Network of Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles

This paper explores the principles of construction, monitoring, management, and safety organization in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles. The use of elements of modern client-server technologies and elements of cyber-physical systems in such networks is offered. The basic structure of the cyber-physical control system of the charging station network has been developed. Network server and client tools have been researched and developed. Structural and functional server solutions and client parts are submitted.

Amateur sports games internet portal features analysis

The aim is the development of social networking Web portal for building not only social activities and ties, but also for the development and promotion of active lifestyle among people at all ages and status. The key objectives of the information system development through building of an objective tree have been identified. UML modeling of the system was fulfilled by building of diagrams such as: USE CASE, SEQUENCE, STATECHART, DEPLOYMENT, also the problem and tasks have been set.

Construction of generalized conclusions by means of linear and nonlinear aggregation methods

The main approaches for the formation of generalized conclusions about operation quality of complex hierarchical network systems are analyzed.  Advantages and drawbacks of the ``weakest'' element method and a weighted linear aggregation method are determined.  Nonlinear aggregation method is proposed for evaluating the quality of the system, which consists of elements of the same priority.  Hybrid approaches to form generalized conclusions are developed based on the main aggregation methods.  It is shown that they allow us to obtain more reliable generalized conclusions.

Distribution network for telecommunications services for subscribers of express train

This article describes the new concept of providing multimedia services, which require bandwidth 12 Mbit/sec, for mobile subscribers moving at speed of 250-350 km/h on train express. This concept is called – interactive heterogeneous telecommunication system (IHTS). Also describe a place of a satellite channel in this network. There are advantages and disadvantages of satellite trunk line in architecture IHTS are also observed in this paper. We consider the signal at the transmitting and receiving side. Defined restrictions on group channel and OFDM symbol separately.

Transformations of the existential manifestations of human being in the network culture

The article analyzes features of the network culture and its impact on the socio-cultural space of a human being, on values and communication existential expressions. Peculiarities of functioning and basic features of network culture are determined.

Problem of reducing energy losses during transmission

In the new economic conditions due to limited energy resources in Ukraine, as well as the privatization of certain energy facilities have become energy losses from the normal reporting rate in one of the control levers of economic efficiency of enterprises energy sector. Among the sites where there are excessive power loss and power generation, electrical distribution network had not attracted much attention. More importantly they had to ensure the necessary level of reliability of electricity consumers.