Actual problems of economics and capitalization value-oriented management: new challenges of marketing

The article given quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the processes of capitalization of economy of Ukraine in the deepening systemic crisis and globalization of the investment market. It is proved about strengthening the necessity of greater influence of marketing on the process of forming costs and finding new sources of value creation in emerging European markets. Attention is focused on ensuring long-term competitive advantages through innovative marketing solutions for commodity and stock markets.

Marketing risks: essence and place in structure of Ukrainian enterpises risk-profile

Paper reveals the essence of marketing and risks in this sphere of business activity. External and internal forms of the marketing risks are discussed. Practically oriented formulation of marketing risks is given. The place of marketing risks in the structure of the enterprise risk profile which is calculated on the basis of results of research of risk management practice in activities of small and medium scale enterprises of Kiev (2005 – 2012) is shown.

Key environmental factors and strategic choices of enterprises in Poland

In a market economy conditions resulting from the environment of Polish companies provide the framework and limits of their functioning. The rapidly evolving conditions, and evolving markets cause that companies undertake various adaptation measures in order to survive, cope with competition, to take the opportunities for development.

Role of marketing in intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is a transportation technology which requires marketing support. The author discusses the role of marketing and cooperation to create value both for the client and the intermodal transport operator. Especially the role of cooperation is highlighted as it influences the integration of intermodal transport process links along the functioning process of intermodal transport chain.

Guerrilla marketing in international corporations

Trends in international business show that successful companies are increasingly using
in their work non-traditional business methods. One of these ways to enhance the
competitiveness of enterprises is the “guerrilla marketing”– marketing concept, which aims to
find your marketing niche, reject competing with powerful competitors and non-traditional
but effective ways to advertise and promote their products and services. Today there isa
tendency to increase the proportion of guerrilla marketing in the general budget of

The specifics of partnership relations with heis creation

The main aim of this research work is to analyze theoretical approaches of definition of partnership relation of the enterprise and to underline the possibilities of cooperating with High Education Institutions. The main tasks, concepts, objectives and characteristic оf partnership relation оf enterprise are imposed. The classification of kinds of partnership relations depending on the goals is expanded.

The System Analysis of Marketing Researches of Phosphoric Industry Waste Utilization Based on CALS Concept

A standard information CALS-system module of marketing research of a phosphoric acid waste utilization of large-capacity productions has been developed. The marketing research has been structured in the following categories: analysis of the raw material and processing market; analysis of waste processing technologies; analysis of the waste utilization products markets.