Purpose – The purpose of the article is to study the evolution of digital marketing through the study of approaches to the interpretation of the categorical and conceptual apparatus; systematization of the distinctive characteristics of traditional marketing, internet marketing and digital marketing. The authors hypothetically suggest that digital marketing is the highest form of evolution of internet marketing and traditional (classical) marketing.

Marketing instruments for attracting investments in territorial communities

Problem setting. Ukraine has significant regional imbalances in attracting investment. The most attractive for investors is Kyiv city, where almost 50% of foreign investments are accumulated. At the same time, other regions remain unattractive for investors. The unsatisfactory situation in the regions is a reflection of unfavorable investment climate and requires the use of new tools to attract investment. The use of marketing tools can stimulate the inflow of investment into small cities and communities.

Digital marketing and social networks

The rapid development of digital communication technologies, the spread of Internet access to the population, the growing number of smartphones, increasing the number of social network users and other factors are the reason for the sharp growth of online operations and services in recent years. In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic was added to this list of factors, creating an additional impetus for the growth of online business. This situation causes significant changes in the implementation of marketing activities by enterprises.

The Possibilities of Using Audit as a Tool of Marketing Control: the Case of a Polish and Ukrainian Company

The article focuses on the issue of marketing control. The immediate goal is to show, on the example of analyzed cases of enterprises, real possibilities of using a marketing audit as a tool of strategic control of marketing. As a starting point for the considerations, the author quotes the views discussed in the literature on marketing audit (which may be viewed as conceptual, structural and process models) as well as the internal audit.


Social networks have become an alternative and promising platform for advertising and establishing lively, active and mutually beneficial communication with customers online in the fastpaced world of digitalization. The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of social networks as a platform for marketing applications, to identify main trends and prospects of social media marketing development. The results of the study of the essence of social networks were revealed.


In times of intense competition on the media, every editorial online media is constantly searching for the best selling method of its information product. Every editor of the online 82 media is think about the question: as soon as possible and best to deliver the publication to the audience and encourage them to read, but at the same time adapting to the needs of each reader. There are many tools for promoting media products on the Internet, and every year they improve and change, and appear new tools promotion media on the internet.

Museum innovation and interactivity in museum: theory and practice

In this article it is attempted to carry out a theoretical distinction of museum innovations and interactivity on example of practical experience of museum institutions of Ukraine and the world. Museum innovations are considered in the broad and narrow contexts. The first one involves radical rethinking of traditional museum practices, of the places and the role of museums in society and culture, which contributes to the further evolution of the museum as a specific historical and cultural phenomenon.

Specialities of using marketing mix by professional organizations

А lot of foreign and Ukrainian scholars analyze role of nonprofit organizations in modern civil society. However, there is lack of literature about nonprofit organizations marketing in such developing countries as Ukraine. Marketing strategies and appropriate tools, that are the most commonly used in business sphere, in most cases, need to be adapted for using by nonprofits. We suggest NGO classification based on their spheres of influence. In particular, we suggest classifying them into such groups: professional, universal, charity and volunteer organizations.

The sources of marketing information used by an enterprise in light of results of a research – analysis comparative

The aim of the publication is to show the diversity of the significance of different sources of marketing information in companies conducting different types of activity (manufacturing, services and trade) on the Polish market. Theses are formulated on results of research conducted by the Marketing Department of Cracow University of Economics in 2013. The subject of the research was: “The scope and conditions of marketing use by companies in Poland”. For all researched companies validity of the various sources of information is the same.

Qualitative changes in market and investment environment of domestic enterprises and marketing of their problem of domestic and foreign markets sales

The article given characteristic qualitative changes in the market environment, operation and development of Ukrainian business. The attention is focused on strengthening the process of European integration, accumulation of external and internal threats, requiring significant changes in the marketing policy of companies and their activities on domestic and foreign markets. Identified causes of low efficiency of Ukrainian companies in the EU markets after entering the country for zero duties for exports.