Analysis of the registration possibilities of seismic stations of Archangelsk seismic network

The estimation of sensitivity of Archangelsk seismic network seismic station on the base of registered during four years world earthquakes is given. The spatial distribution of sensitivity at registrations of earthquakes in different range distances and azimuth are revealed, information about technical parameters of registrations for seismic stations are precise.

Specifics of determination sensitivity of linear parametric circuits in the frequency domain

In software which are dedicated for the design of electronic circuits with constant parameters is widely used function of sensitivity, which allows you to focused  solve the tasks of multivariate  analysis and optimization of such circuits. The function of sensitivity of linear parametric circuits not used widely because there was no reliable methods of symbolic computation of parametric transfer functions.

Gas-dynamic Analyzer of Nitrogen-hydrogen Mixture for Industrial Application

Mathematical model of gas-dynamic analyzer of nitrogen-hydrogen mixture built on bridge throttle scheme using laminar-turbulent and turbulent-laminar throttle dividers is developed in the paper. The developed analyzer has twice higher sensitivity than any of these dividers. The authors developed the algorithms for calculation the constructive parameters of gas-dynamic analyzer of nitrogen-hydrogen mixture to provide optimal sensitivity of the throttle bridge scheme.

Properties of Multifunctional Polymers – Carbon Black Composite Vapor Detectors

In this work the electrical properties of vapor detectors, formed from composites of conductive carbon-black and insulating organic multifunctional polymers having metal ions complexing ability, were investigated. The new composites are tailored to produce increased sensitivity toward specific classes of analyte vapors. Resonant frequency shift of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and dc resistance measurements have been also performed simultaneously on polymer-carbon black composite materials.