The absorption of air oxygen by water in the horizontal absorber with bucket-shaped dispersants (HABD) and the vertical apparatus with a continuous bubbling layer (VABL) was studied. It is shown that these processes occur according to the law of First-Order Reactions. It was found that the constant absorption rate is 46.5 times higher in HABD than in VABL at a gas content of 0.05 and a bubble diameter of 0.002 m. It is recommended to use the VABL device for water deironing at pH <6, and for pH greater than 6.0 - HABD.

Circular Model of Interaction of Enterprise Innovation Capacity and Exports

In the current conditions of globalization and European integration, the need for the development of innovative economy and activation of export activity, innovation capacity is one of the key drivers of export diversification towards science-intensive products. An important prerequisite for starting and developing export activity is not only the availability of sufficient innovation potential, but also the willingness, need and feasibility of introducing and commercializing innovative products in foreign markets.

Kinetics of High-Temperature Interaction of Titanium Alloys with a Carbon-Containing Gaseous Medium

Due to their excellent complex of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, titanium alloys are unique materials for many branches of industry. An important feature of titanium is its high reactivity concerning the interstitial chemical elements (oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon). The absorption of interstitial elements by titanium alloys causes change in physical and mechanical properties of alloys and articles which are made of them. It should be noted that the titanium alloys are classified, in particular, by the compositions of their structures.

Hydrodynamic Features of Tubular Turbulent Devices Work Accordingly to Extraction of High-Boiling Hydrocarbons from Associated Petroleum Gas

The way of perfection of after-extract process of high-boiling hydrocarbons of associated petroleum gas using the small-sized tubular turbulent device of diverging-converging construction at stage of absorption by degassed oil has been suggested.