Analysis of Calculation Model for Primary Coolant Fission Products

The sources of radioactive contamination of the primary coolant by fission products when the unit is operating at the rated power are as follows: defect fuel elements with gas leakiness and substantial damages, surface contamination of the outer surfaces of fuel claddings, superficial contamination of structural materials of fuel assemblies.

Analysis of the Effect of Pollution of Component Surfaces as a Result of Possible Contact of Fresh Nuclear Fuel with Sea Atmosphere on Corrosion

Acquisition and analysis of the information was performed on possible effect of components of sea atmosphere in case of their precipitation on the assembly surfaces on the corrosion of structural materials of items of fuel assemblies (FAs) of water-water energetic reactor (VVER-1000) in their subsequent operation. The data is presented on static and dynamic tests of alloy E-110 at temperatures of 300–350 °С in water and standard coolant of the reactor polluted with chlorides and iodine, as well as of alloy E-110 under special pollution of its surface with chlorides.

Analysis of Computer Code and Method Used in Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Justification of VVER Reactor Plants

This article presents the analysis of the calculation procedure and computer code KLAST used in calculations of the control rod dynamic characteristics during safety justification of water-cooled water-moderated power reactor plants. The code allows accounting for pressure differentials as a function of time occurred under the design conditions on the reactor core and on the drive extension shaft as well change of coolant density in the core.

Prediction of Thermophysical Characteristics of Fuel Rods Based on Calculations

The paper analyzes operating conditions, thermophysical characteristics were calculated as applied to WWER-1000 fuel rods in a four-year cycle for unified core. The paper gives a summary of models for calculating gas release, pressure of gases within fuel rod cladding, fuel swelling and thermal conductivity, fuel-cladding gap conductance. The thermophysical condition of fuels in a reactor core is one of the main factors that determine their serviceability.

Simulation of transients for designing multiple power filter circuits

The practice of operating multiple single-tuned filters in industrial power supply systems has shown that technological transformer capacitors in switching filters within the systems can cause the damage of filters. The most disturbing loads on the power supply systems are powerful AC arc furnaces. Static Var compensators used in the power supply systems contain multiple harmonic filters for harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation.

Analysis and choice of optimal conditions for the burning of natural gas with heated air in the reactor of carbon black obtaining

The mixing and burning of natural gas with heated air in the reactor of carbon black obtaining have been analyzed. Commercial test results for the device of partially premixed components with single-flow burner have been considered. Construction peculiarities and operational conditions of single- and multi-flow burners have been examined.