Structure and dynamics of kvaziconstant magnetic field of the Earth’s on its surface and in fellow creature space

Determination of space-temporal structure of the magnetic field of Earth’s (MFE) on its surface and in fellow creature space is extremely necessary and actual, in connection with its influence on the character of passing of processes in magnetosphere and ionosphere, and on machineries and size of magnetic activity, which are considered as a substantial ecological factor. 

The determination and procedure transformation of the ionosphere parameters with GNSS-observations

Purpose. Solutions to the problems of coordinate-time provision based on continuous GNSS-observations is based on the processing of large data sets of code and phase measurements. One of the possible additional options for conducting this study is computation of the numerical characteristics of the ionospheric impact on the signals distribution from the satellites – the values of the total electron density (TEC). These characteristics reflect the dynamics of the atmosphere ionization that is important in terms of monitoring the circumterrestrial space.

The technique of averaging data for construction of the regional model ionosphere

The purpose of this paper is to develop an algorithm of regular averaging time series VTEC to investigate the daily course of ionospheric parameters with the use of empirical methods of analysis. Methodology. In order to improve the preparation of data which was used for the construction regional model of the ionosphere, we carry out the averaging parameter VTEC at 17 stations on the ZAKPOS network. We define the value of the parameter VTEC using the algorithm created by authors for 25 days in 2013. Results.