land monitoring

The methodology of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed land (on the example of Rozdil quarry)

The conditions of the emergence and development of monitoring as an integrated scientific information system monitoring the various natural and man-made objects and phenomena. The method of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed lands in the open fields of industrial development brimstone is described.


Monitoring the use of land resourses fund of Ukraine for the years its independence

The condition of the structure and land resources of Ukraine for the period of independence
(1994–2012). Found a significant reduction in the use of land that does not meet the requirements
of modern land use. The proposed concrete measures to make more efficient use
of land resources of Ukraine.

Problems and perspectives of information provision of land monitoring

Basis for any management decisions on land use and protection is information. This information applies to the control object – the land and impact on all stakeholders of land relations. Land monitoring feature is that it allows to obtain information about land changes in the dynamics, contributes to an adequate assessment, effective forecasting and modeling. In addition to solving domestic problems through monitoring,