Study of the accuracy of determining the azimuth by the hour angle of the sun by visual methods

The methods of astronomical definitions of the geographic coordinates of the point and the azimuth of the direction are based on measuring the horizontal coordinates of the luminaries at fixed times of a particular time counting system. The programs of the methods introduced into production are designed for the most favorable conditions for observations of luminaries, when the influence on the result of the measurement errors and the coordinates of the point is minimal.

The comparison researches of accuracy of the automated definition and the account of an anomalous vertical refraction by a santilometr, a videotheodolite and a digital level

It is proved in the article, that accuracy of the modern automated methods of definition of an anomalous vertical refraction to the devices equipped with CCD - sensor, makes: 1. by the videotheodolite TM3000V - 0,67”; 2. by the level SDL-30 - 0,31mm at length at distance about 100m. The offers concerning increase of accuracy of definition of a refraction are made.

Determination of current setting time in inductive load of voltage-to-current converter under non-harmonic influence

The paper presents analysis of problems dealing with the determination of the current setting time in the inductive component of the complex load of Voltage-to-current (VTC) converter under non-harmonic input influence. There is showed the change in the transient response and in the current setting time of the inductor on changing the VTC converter and complex load parameters. Expression to determine the current setting time of complex load of VTC converter at given level of dynamic error is presented.

Ensuring the stability of voltage-to-current converter with complex load

In this paper, the method of determining the stability of the voltage-to-current converter (VCC) with complex load, which is built on the DC amplifier with a deep negative feedback (NFB) by current. The feedback signal is formed on precise resistor, which is connected in series with an inductive load. The deep feedback and complex load can cause a violation of the stability of the VCC across the whole dynamic range of operation.

Photoelectronic signal generation in scanning television optical microscope

This paper presents a method of determining the necessary sensitivity for photoelectronic transducer (PET) in scanning television optical microscope (STOM), which is used for biological microobject studying. High resolution cathode ray tube is used in the STOM for test microobject illumination. On the screen of this tube a scanning raster is being formed. This raster allows you to create an image of microobjects, whose resolution exceeds 4000x4000 elements.

Evaluation of Integrated Self-adjusting Equipment Errors Impact on Machined Cylindrical Surfaces Accuracy

The paper deals with the analytic model suitable to evaluate the errors impact on the output surface accuracy in the machining process using the integral self-adjusting machine tool equipment. This model is based on the variation simulation method of machines precision calculation. The impact evaluation of accessories errors of force action from the cutting process as well as clamping is developed. This evaluation substantially considers the output accuracy of the machined cylindrical surfaces of the console fixed parts.

Gas Dynamical Capillary Flowmeters of Small and Micro Flowrates of Gases

The possibility of application of glass capillary tubes (CTs) as sensors of small and micro flowrates of gases was justified. The accuracy of a number of CTs flowrate equations was analyzed on the basis of experimental studies of CTs flowrate characteristics. It was shown that CTs can be applied as primary devices of small and micro flowrates of gases without individual calibration.