Improvement in the construction of the “Tungsten carbide insert cutter - cone” joint for tricone drill bits

Meet a claim is quite difficult in real production, even in specialized drilling manufacturers. Therefore, the development of reliable criteria for approaches to improving the technology of tricone drill bits is an urgent problem. This is great practical importance for domestic enterprise. The task is set to create rock-destroying insert in the basis of the developed construction. This allows you to increase the reliability of the connection between the cutter insert and the body of the cone.

The Influence of Technological Factors on the Reliability Connection for Tungsten Carbide Inset Cutter of Roller Cone Bits

Aim. Analysis of used bits revealed the effect when the tungsten carbide insert cutter was scrolling around its axis. Therefore, the task was to study the causes of this phenomenon. Hardness was measured followed by setting the hardness distribution gradient in the section of the hole, in order to evaluate the strength parameters of steel in the zone of the hole. Method. Applying a well-tested method, namely the method of successive approximations, we determined the estimate of the standard deviation and the evaluation criterion.

Automated generation of a digital model of an object's micro surface from a SEM-stereo pair by area-based image matching

Purpose. The goal of this work was the development and research of a method of automatically constructing a digital model of the micro surface of an object from SEM stereo pair of digital images taking into account the specifics of the survey SEM and evaluating the accuracy of digital modeling. Methods. The developed method consists, firstly, in generating a dense set of input points in the left SEM image of a stereo pair in regions with local features and using an iterative process in accordance with the levels of the image pyramid.


The article focuses on the main problems of methodology of the measurement quality evaluation in the context of introduction into metrological practice of the International Dictionary of Metrology VIM 3. The generalized definition of the notion of measurement quality is given. A separate analysis of measurement quality indexes as a process and quality indexes of measurement result as a product of this process is carried out.

Моделі якості послуг телекомунікаційних мереж

The quality of service models of telecommunication networks was considered. The features of providing of quality of service in the telephone and computer networks was explored. On the basis of this research it sets, that the metropolitan telephone networks are characterized by a higher accuracy, dependability and security by comparison to the computer local area networks. Substantial advantage of computer local area networks above the metropolitan telephone networks is providing a higher speed of the user information transfer, although defect there is an instability of this speed.