correlation coefficient


This article is devoted to the substantiation of the possibility of electrical capacitance measurement utilizing equations that are based on the approximation of scattering ellipse, formed by signals proportional to the current flowing through the capacitive tested object and voltage drop on the tested object.


The interrelations between the air temperature and humidity, the amount of precipitation and the water level fluctuations have been investigated based on long-term observations at the permanent water gauge of Lake Svitiaz. The average values of the correlation coefficients between the meteorological factors and the water level for the period of 1985-2019 are calculated.

Establishment of connections between customer demands and properties of a product using the method of QFD and FUZZY LOGIC

Now for the developed countries of the world community is inherent to ensure quality by organizational and management measures, namely development, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of quality systems. Proceedings of the outstanding scientists of the twentieth century W. Shewhart, W. E. Deming, Joseph M. Juran (first introduced the concept of “quality control”), F. Crosby, K. Ishikawa, Armand V. Feigenbaum, H. Taguchi, T. Seyfi formed a modern strategy based on the application of quality management systems (QMS).

Small strain monitoring by means of analysis of spekle pattarn at the output of multimode polymer fiber

In this paper an optical scheme and the operation principle of strain monitoring based on the interference between guided modes in multimode polymer optical fiber is investigated. The possibility of measuring of the relative strain by processing of speckle patterns at the exit face of multimode fiber is studied theoretically and experimentally. The algorithm of correlation processing of speckle pattern is developed too. The recent progress of polymer technology allowed the application of plastic optical fiber in sensor design.

Mathematical processing of results of double equally accurate measurements

Purpose. Run trial of criteria importance of systematic errors in the mathematical processing of results of measurements of double equally accurate and install the most efficient one. Thus, to determine how to calculate the probability of trust and develop a method of exclusion bias of the mean values of double equally accurate measurements. Methods of resolving the issues raised based on the comparative analysis formulas, experimental results of calculations, developing proposals and reports. Established that the literature significance tests are not the same bias. Results.