Architectural types of Peremyshl – Sutchava railway station buildings


Виявлені розміщення, характерні риси та стилістично-композиційні властивості вокзалів уздовж залізниці Перемишль – Сучава, сформульовані їхні головні типи.

Historical parallels in the formation of architecture of railway stations in Halychyna and Tyrol

The aim of the given article is to trace the origins of common forms of space and plasticity in railway station buildings in Halychyna (Galicia) and Tyrol and reveal their most important features and trends in their formation.

Distribution network for telecommunications services for subscribers of express train

This article describes the new concept of providing multimedia services, which require bandwidth 12 Mbit/sec, for mobile subscribers moving at speed of 250-350 km/h on train express. This concept is called – interactive heterogeneous telecommunication system (IHTS). Also describe a place of a satellite channel in this network. There are advantages and disadvantages of satellite trunk line in architecture IHTS are also observed in this paper. We consider the signal at the transmitting and receiving side. Defined restrictions on group channel and OFDM symbol separately.

Terms qa decryption railway transport data using digital aerial photography

Objective. The aim of this study is a reasonable definition of the conditions which must be satisfied for digital aerial image for high-quality recognition objects of rail transport with the aim of creating a plan with scale of 1:500, and the experimental study of the quality of rail transport objects interpretation on digital aerial images. Method and results. For inventory of land and rail transport objects based on the use of digital aerial survey it is necessary to ensure receiving  of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the objects that meet the requirements of the branch.