geodetic monitoring

Geodynamics of Tereblja-Riksky technogenic range

On the basis of results of the complex analysis of the given geodetic measurements and geological studying of territory of Tereblja-Riksky derivational hydroelectric power station the geodynamic model of interaction of engineering constructions and the geological environment is created. Recommendations for carrying out of monitoring of geodynamic processes are offered.

Results of geodetic control of stress-strain state of RCO of NPP with ВВЕР-1000

On case example for the results of the geodesic control of geometric parameters ZORO is appreciated the influence of works as to pull of armatures bunches on tensely-deformed state acknowledging the effectiveness of geodesic works generally program as to ensuring of operational reliability RB APS with WWER-1000.

Method of processing of kinematic networks on the example of Tereble-Ritska HPP penstock

The short-term stresses and strains of the pressure pipeline on Tereblya-Rikska HydroPower Station had been investigated. This investigation is based on the the results of the permanent geodetic surveys using electronic tacheometer Leica TPS 1201. The algorythm and the computation programs for the modeling of the deformation processes of the pipeline had been developed and is based on the theory of kinematic coefficients. The investigations for the accuracy determination of the displacements and their intensity from the cycles of surveying had been held.


Research about gravel and pebble mass transfer in the riverbed of river Stryj according to the geodetic monitoring

On the basis of geodesic pretentious novelties the transversal types of river-bed are built r. Stryj, nearbyс. Stryj. The analysis of results of supervisions is given by possibility to draw conclusion about the processes of transfer and accumulation gravel the masses in a river-bed and lower lyinga valley Stryj.