thermomechanical analysis

Biosynthesis and Characteristics of Polyhydroxyalkanoates. 1. Polyhydroxybutyrates of Azotobacter vinelandii N-15

The biosynthesis of cellular polymers of Azotobacter vinelandii N-15 strain using molasses as a carbon source has been optimized. The highest yield of polymer (25.8 % of cell mass) was obtained on a nutrient medium with a molasses concentration of 50 g/l. Using TL-chromatography and IR-spectroscopy the obtained product was identified as polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), and its properties were investigated. The wetting contact angle was used to characterize the biopolymer film surface properties.

Thermal stability of organic-inorganic composites based on dimethacrylate-tetraethoxysilane system

The influence of composition of hybrid organic-inorganic composites based on oligoesteracrylate (MGF-9)−tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) system on their thermal properties and molecular structure was investigated. Thermograms and curves of thermal destruction of samples were obtained, from which temperature ranges, weight loss of samples and thermal effects of each stage were defined. It is shown that introducing an inorganic filler into polymer matrix promotes increasing of thermal stability of the material.