Research of methods of formation of requirements to expert systems of the technical diagnosings

The singularity of expert systems of technical diagnosing as program systems are considered in article. Methods of formation of software requirements and possibility of their use when forming requirements to expert systems of technical diagnosing were probed.

Calculating of the geomagnetic fileld induction vector components on the Odessa magnetic anomaly region

Calculation of Earth's magnetic field component is a very important task, which allows you to extract additional information from existing on the present moment the experimental magnetic data. In connection with complexity measurement power and angular components of the geomagnetic field experimental data available in limited quantities. In particular, for the territory of Ukraine for the epoch 2010 there are 67 points of the secular variation, which are usually located in areas with quiet geomagnetic field.

Methods of program realization of three-dimensional realistic cartographic models

5 groups of the software which can be used for creation of three-dimensional realistic cartographical models are considered. Accessible realizations in Ukraine are described driefly within each group. For speed suppluing of model functioning it is recommended to use the programs created for working out of computer games.