physico-chemical properties

Technological Features of High-Sulfur Heavy Crude Oils Processing

Crude oils of the Yablunivsky deposit (Poltava region, Ukraine) have been studied in order to choose further ways of their processing. The fractional composition was studied by the method of simulated distillation. The structural and mechanical properties of petroleum products, the content of metals and the elemental composition were determined. Studies have shown that oils are of high-sulfur heavy grade, without light distillates; they have high density, viscosity, and large amounts of metals. A flow chart for the processing of such oils has been proposed.

Physico-chemical properties of high-sulfuric heavy oils from yablunivske deposit

The article presents the experimental results regarding the properties of oils from Yablunivske deposit, Poltava region, Ukraine. The obtained data allows to choose further possible processing. The crude oil was fractionated through siulation distillation, the main physico-chemical characteristics, structural and mechanical properties, as well as metals content andf elemental composition were determined. The oils under study were found to be extra-heave high-sulfuric oils, without light distillates; their density, viscosity and metal contents are high.

Comparing physico-chemical properties of oil fields of Nigeria and Ukraine

The problem of crude oil deficit for Ukrainian refineries has been considered. To solve this problem the import of crude from Nigeria has been proposed. Physico-chemical properties of Nigerian oils, namely their fractional composition, potential yield of light fractions were investigated and compared with physico-chemical characteristics of Ukrainian crude oils. The possibility of Nigerian oils processing at JSC “Ukrtatnafta” (Ukraine) was grounded.