oxidative desulfurization

Study on Chemistry of Oxidative Desulfurization Process of High Sulfur Straight-Run Oil Fraction

In the article the chemistry of the noncatalytic oxidative desulfurization process of distillate oil fractions is analyzed. The study involves the characteristics of high-sulfur straight-run diesel fraction of narrow composition (593–623 K) before and after oxidation by air at 453–493 K and a pressure of 3.0 MPa. The composition of sulfur compounds in the raw material fraction was determined. It is shown that straight-run fractions of raw materials may also contain sulfoxides, which are products of oxidation of organosulfur compounds and are formed during storage of petroleum products.

Study on Hydrodynamic Parameters of the Oxidative Desulfurization of High Sulfur Straight-Run Oil Fractions

The article deals with the determination of hydrodynamic parameters necessary to conduct the desulfurization process of straight-run kerosene (SRKF) and straight-run diesel fractions (SRDF) via oxidation of sulfuric organic compounds, followed by the removal of oxidation products. The established parameters which are characterized by the linear rate of the oxidant (air) movement and the dummy contact time between the oxidant and the feedstock allow the process to be carried out without stirring.

Determination of Optimum Conditions Effect of Coal Oxidative Desulfurization to Produce Pulverized Coal

The effect of oxidant composition on the oxidative desulfurization of low grade coal has been studied to obtain raw materials for the production of pulverized coal. The experimental-statistical model has been developed that allowed to establish optimum conditions of the investigated process.

Effect of oxidant relative flow rate on obtaining raw material for pulverized coal production from high-sulfuric low grade coal

The effect of oxidant relative flow rate on the sulfur removal degree and conversion level of coal organic matter has been determined. Sulfur content, as well as ash content and volatiles yield depend on the mentioned values. The optimal oxidant relative flow rate to realize the oxidative desulfurization process has been found with the aim of obtaining raw material for pulverized coal production.