vertical movements

Method for minimizing vertical movements of transition points

To improve the accuracy of precision leveling, it is necessary to improve the methods of observation, the development of devices and devices to minimize a particular source of systematic nature of the action, in particular, the leveling errors caused by the instability of the altitude of the transition points (crutches, shoes) during work.

Residual stresses from gravitational stress: fpreliminary estimations of their rates based on geological data

The method of the research relates to the field tectonophysics. The study of tectonic stress has always been the most important task of tectonic research. You can say that Tectonophysics began to flourish after the mass measurement of stress in-situ methods in mining and creation of stress reconstruction algorithm in natural geological data sets of slip faults. Data Mining showed a large predominance of horizontal compression environments in the areas of uplift and shields, and the prevalence of certain environments the horizontal extension in the crust basins and plates.

Paradox differences in vertical movements according to different definitions

For estimating features of vertical movements on the territory of Ladoga – Onega region we used data of 1999-2007 GPS measurements, carried out by employees of Institute of physics of the Earth and Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences, and also the last results of I and II Геодезія, картографія і аерофотознімання. Вип. 71. 2009 class geometric leveling, data of water-level measurement and satellite altimetry.