Theory of judgement in the lviv school of philosophy: introduction to research

Current knowledge of philosophical and logical investigations includes numerous gaps regarding the theory of judgment in the Lvov School of Philosophy. The aim of the paper is to show that the task of filling this gap is not without merit and to outline the way how to complete this task.

Financial support of autonomous research institutions of Ukraine in the conditions of reforming

The article analyzes the state of funding of higher educational universities of Ukraine, elaborated literary sources and legal acts governing the financing of education and science. The author suggests a new approach to the financial support of the Autonomous research University. The article outlines areas for further development theme

Diagnostic product market in the context of globalization of domestic business

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for studying the globalization of business as a whole, and its individual aspects related to information and communication problems of the domestic business amid increasing crisis in the economy. Formation of system of anti-crisis measures, as a catalyst for the commodity market development in the context of globalization of the domestic business.

The head, the heart and the hand: architecture and its place in the Academy

Architecture is a mainstream subject in the academy. While the development of spatial imagination and aesthetic judgment are among its core components, a wide range of knowledge, skills and sensitivities are delivered as part of the design curriculum. This paper discusses the potential benefits, but also the risks, associated with the growing emphasis on academically-focused research in schools of architecture. 

Novel methods administrative and legal phenomena

The article raises questions of improvement of research methods legal and administrative events, identify the place and role of structural-functional and factor analysis,possibilities of application of methods of applied mathematics. The features of information and statistical tools and methods of system analysis to identify trends in social phenomena that are governed by administrative law.

Investigation of accuracy of the coordinates by GNSS RTK mode

The accuracy of determining the coordinates of points by S82T SOUTH GNSS receiver in RTK method is investigated. Work was carried on educational and scientific geodesic polygon of NU LP. Spatial coordinates, normal height and distance between points are determined and compared with the same data obtained by static method, leveling and measurements of distances by dashed dimensional devices.