Improvement of Regulatory and Legal Environment of Public-private Partnership in the Field of Road Transport of Ukraine

Problem setting. Economic development is very important in the processes of positive transformations  of the country, a large part of ensuring economic growth is transport infrastructure, one of the main types of which is road transport. Recently, the Ukrainian economy has been weakened by the global crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the worst thing that has happened so far is the extremely difficult martial law and the Russian invasion with a full-scale war against Ukraine.


This study research investigated the seismic effects on the design of retaining walls. The basic analysis theory of retaining structures under static load is the Coulomb theory, stating that the pressure of a loose body on the lateral surface is determined from the static equilibrium condition of rigid wedge formed in the bed between backsides of the structure and slipping area, considering the wedge as rigid body. Dynamic pressure of the soil was studied in the works of Okabe and Mononobe. Currently, these studies are basic in the preparation of regulatory documents.

Perspectives of integrated reporting

Reveals the importance of making the basic principles of international integrated
reporting, including the possibilities of transforming the economic model for the formation of
an objective financial data needed to manage financial capital. Identified deficiencies modern
standardized financial statements, including the alleged failure in her scorecard for social,
environmental and economic development.
The preconditions, problems and advantages of forming integrated reporting companies

Institutional framework of the financial apparatus of the genoese colony in the crimea (based on the 1449 constitution)

On the basis of the analysis right monuments and also wide volume of the scientific literature the revealed features of the organization and the legal framework for the financial authorities in Kaffa, Soldaye, Cembalo and other medieval Genoese colonies, which are placed in the Nothern Black Sea region.

Determining of permissible values of area land plots mean square errors outside settlements

Was made an analysis of standard acts that are regulating the realization of geodetic measurements for national landscape cadastre purposes. The research have touched upon the influence of quadratic mean mistakes of boundary-marks coordinates determination on quadratic mean mistake of determination of land parcels areas outside the boundaries of settlements.