electromagnetic field

Розпізнавання арактеристик електропровідного включення у півпросторі для квазістаціонарної моделі процесу становлення електромагнітного поля

Розглянуто математичне моделювання процесу становлення електромагнітного поля (ЕМП) у кусково-однорідному півпросторі. Знайдено в часовій області компоненти векторів напруженостей електричної та магнітної його складових для квазістаціонарної моделі без введення потенціалів електричного чи магнітного типів. За допомогою методу приграничних елементів досліджено вплив включення з вищою, ніж середовище, електропровідністю на розподіл ЕМП на денній поверхні та показано способи розпізна- вання його геометричних та електромагнітних характеристик.

Enhancement of the Electromagnetic Field by Periodic Structures for Raman Spectroscopy Application

Raman spectroscopy is an extremely sensitive and effective method for studying the structure of macromolecules and their changes. The specially designed SERS substrates are one of the ways to enhance Raman signals. Such substrates can significantly increase the sensitivity of optical diagnostics of materials in the ultra-small quantities. It is important for different applications in science, industry and human activity. At present time, the problem of design and optimization of the different substrates for enhance Raman signals remains relevant.

Symmetry of energy

Based on the principle of symmetry, we  propose a universal expression of the energy of  physical system. If we accept a generalized coordinate as an argument, we come to potential energy; if we accept a generalized velocity as an argument, we come to kinetic co-energy. Here, like in the variational principle, the concept of kinetic energy does not work. The examples of application relate to electromagnetic fields, electro­magnetic circuits, and mechanics of concentrated masses.

Analysis of electromagnetic processes in a turbogenerator with equivalent rotor tooth zones at no-load

For the purpose of providing a much fuller analysis of electromagnetic processes in electrodynamic devices, it is necessary to carry out the calculation of electromagnetic field in movable and immovable elements of their structure taking into account coordinate systems of moving and stationary items.

Application of diakoptics approach to analysis of electromagnetic field by means of finite-difference method

The paper discusses versatile constraint equations used for providing compatibility between the solutions obtained for separate sub-domains of electromagnetic field which are analyzed simultaneously. The mathematical model of the task has been developed using invariant approximation technique for finite-difference method. Different techniques for domain decomposition are considered. The discussed constraint equations and domain decomposition techniques have been applied to solving a test problem, and namely the problem of magnetic skin-effect.

Investigation of magnetomechanothermodiffusive processes in ferromagnetic body at given diffusing substance concentration on the surface

The input equations describing the electromagnetic field interaction with the substance are suggested.  By means of the methods of the similarity and dimensional theory,  the system of equations of magnetomechanothermodiffusion and mechanics is reduced to a dimensionless form.

Methodological principles of electromagnetic screens application for public protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation

The growing levels of electromagnetic fields require the improvement of protective shielding methods. Frequency and amplitude parameters of fields have been analyzed according to national and international standards of electromagnetic safety and guidelines on shielding application have been given. The methodological principles of choosing and applying electromagnetic screens depending on radiation parameters and the required protection efficiency have been developed.

The results of detailed EM soundings in the problem zone at the northern border of Dombrovsky quarry

The results of electro-magnetic diagnostics of the medium in the upper part of geological cut between river of Sivka and the northern border of quarry are presented. Time domain electromagnetic sounding has detected and quantitatively outlined a zone of anomalous conductivity associated with development of filtration-suffosion and karst processes in the gypsum-clay cap and in the ore body as a result of infiltration of river waters and atmospheric precipitations into water-bearing horizon, and their migration in the border zone at lower hypsometric dates.

Electromagnetic monitoring of environmentally problematic objects in Precarpathians: results and technological means used

Purpose. Designing both the apparatus and methodical means based on the classical methods of electroprospecting and their modification. Using this set for an elecromagnetic monitoring of environmentally problematic objects. The objects to be observed are ground dams, haloes of underground water pollution, mine fields, geotechnical objects. Methodology. High-speed technological set was created and had been studying in the environmentally problematic areas in pre-Carpathians (Yavoriv, Stebnyk, Kalush etc.).