earthquake prediction

Results of monitoring hydrogeodynamics groundwater parameters in aseismic regions of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk region)

The preliminary interpretation results of monitoring data of hydrodynamic parameters of groundwater in Dnepropetrovsk region for the purpose of neotectonic changes forecast in the massifs are given. The necessity of creation the national data base of monitoring results of groundwater hydrodynamic parameters, executed at all regions of Ukraine, is pointed out.

The Earthquake in Kryvyi Rih 14-01-2011 as a local result of seismotectonic and man-caused processes

In the paper the results of the conducted analysis of records of the registered seismic event which was take place 2011.01.14 in Kryvyi Rig and arguments in favour of determine this event as earthquake are presented.

By the earthquake prediction in areas of earth crust tension on measurements of stations of global navigation systems

Objective. The research objective is to determine relationship between crust tension forces and forces that operate in near-Earth space and earthquakes in entrails of the Earth, based on that was identifying opportunities for short-term earthquake prediction. Methods. Accumulation of earthquakes scores statistical information, their location and display time, as well as moon and sun (own observations, data from literature and Internet-resources) location information. Analysis of obtained data its comparison. Results.