By the earthquake prediction in areas of earth crust tension on measurements of stations of global navigation systems

: pp. 100 - 108
Received: March 26, 2015
DP “Naukanaftohaz”, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
DP "Naukanaftogaz" NJSC "Naftogaz Ukrainy", Branch "Carpathian Center"; Scientific and Technic Company "DEPROIL LTD"

Objective. The research objective is to determine relationship between crust tension forces and forces that operate in near-Earth space and earthquakes in entrails of the Earth, based on that was identifying opportunities for short-term earthquake prediction. Methods. Accumulation of earthquakes scores statistical information, their location and display time, as well as moon and sun (own observations, data from literature and Internet-resources) location information. Analysis of obtained data its comparison. Results. Crustal tensions associated mainly with movement of lithospheric plates on ground in collision zones, subduction, obduction as well as related “hot” points fractures and zones of their intersections. Exactly with crustal tension in Ukraine related seismic areas in the Transcarpathian south Ukraine fracture zones Teysseyre-Tornquist, and with “hot” points and fractures in western Ukraine. We consider forces acting in space. The universal law here is law of gravity. There acting tidal forces of moon, sun and planets variables in time, and the centrifugal force caused by earth's rotation on its axis, which varies in different parts of Earth. These forces cause variables tidal deformation of earth's surface. According to own observations during the 2002-2011 and online resources defining a close correlation between significant display of gravitational forces (solar and moon eclipse, a new moon time) and earthquakes in the bowels of Earth. Now, based on theory of Earth lithospheric plates know main areas of earthquake zones spreading display of collision, subduction and “hot” spots stations and the presence of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) can very accurately measure the height of tidal hills. This work are proponed to begin in Transcarpathian using GNSS SULP. Scientific innovation. Defining signs of correlations and dependencies between high-rise provisions Earth surface (information from GNSS stations), location of celestial bodies and displays earthquakes. The practical significance. The proposed global monitoring will predict time and location of earthquakes displays based on defined relationships between phenomena in space and the earth's crust tensions.

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