Explosive mantle-derived particles in sedimentary formations of the Carpathian region, connection with the problems of formation of fuels and ore deposits

Different types of mantle-derived particles were discovered in the Cretaceous-Paleogene sediments of the Carpathian region. Analogous mineral association has been found by previous investigations in the fluidized-explosive formations on the territory of Ukraine and other regions (Arkhangelsk, Yakutsk diamond province). Some data indicate that material is not redeposited and has a local origin. This suggests that at some stage have been favorable geodynamic conditions for the penetration of trans-mantle fluidized mixtures.

New occurrence of iron cilicide in the Ukraine. Cosmogenic or telluric nature?

Several type of particles that is completely or partially  made of iron cilicide  have been collected in different site of Ukraine. Aim. Our objective is to recognize the primary nature of these substance based on detailed study of mineralogy and chemical composition. Methodology. We summarized published information and draw inferences derived from the interpretation of mineralogical, microprobe and x-ray date. Results. Here we distinguished three types of ferrosilicium-bearing particles.