Geological conditions of development and landscape differentiation of modern geological and geomorphological processes in the highlands of the Chornohora massif (Ukrainian Carpathians)

The aim of the research is to analyze the factors of development, distribution and landscape differentiation of geological and geomorphological processes in the subalpine and alpine highlands of Chornohora, as well as to determine the influence of geological structure and morphometric features on the intensity of their development. The methodological basis of the study is a combination of methods of field research and geoinformation analysis using GIS, which allowed to identify the main centers of the highlands of Chornohora of rockfalls, screes, landslides and linear erosion.

Deformation monitoring of location areas of responsible engineering objects

The results of long-term studies of landslide processes in the areas of operation of pumped storage power plant with the help of modern GNSS technologies are considered. The presence of deformation of the earth's surface, both in terms in plane and vertical, is revealed. Displacement of some points is a closed-return trajectory and not exceed a few millimeters. Another part of the points is characterized by the horizontal displacements with the presence of returning movements.

Efficiency of the natural impulse electromagnetic field of the Earth method for monitoring of landslide processes on the Kyiv reservoir slopes

Purpose. To demonstrate the natural pulsed electromagnetic field of the Earth (NIEMFE) method efficiency in areal and wells options with monitoring investigations realization and leveling the obtained results with engineering and geological research of landslides, using the area of the right bank of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station reservoir as an example.

Analysis of the influence of geological structure of the rocks to the characteristics of the landslides

Purpose. The purpose of these studies is to analyze the influence of geological structure, including engineering geological zoning, morphological features of relief to the characteristics of landslides and their subsequent statistical analysis to identify the impact of external factors to the complex conditions of formation of landslides. Worked out inventory of landslides Transcarpathian and Chernivtsi regions that contain information about the spatial database and features of 3458 landslides. Methods.