nuclear power plant

Analysis of Efficiency of Technical Condition of Heat Exchanger of Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System with WWER-1000 Reactor of Nuclear Power Plant

The main factors affecting the elements of the heat exchanger of the spent fuel pool cooling system during operation are considered. The analysis of design, technical and operational documentation is carried out for the purpose of preliminary assessment of the technical condition of the heat exchange equipment of nuclear power plants. The data on the installed capacity and service life of power units of the Ukrainian NPPs are given.

Local seismological networks of nuclear power plants of Ukraine as components of the national seismological monitoring system

The aim of the work is to determine the possibility of using local seismological networks of nuclear power plants as elements of the seismological monitoring system of the territory of Ukraine.

Organizing of the seismic monitoring of nuclear power plants of Ukraine

The basic directions of the Action Plan to assess seismic hazard and seismic check of existing nuclear power plants, approved SNRCU and NNEGC "Energoatom", which is the basis for work on seismic monitoring systems of nuclear power plant in Ukraine are represented. The experience of expert of IGPH NAS in this field is explined. The basic principles, their aims and objectives are explined too. The spesification for the Rivne NPP is represented as an example. The situation for each of NPP is outlined for short term.

Forecasting deformations of nuclear power plant structures

When studying the dynamics of sedimentation of the foundations of nuclear power plants, paramount importance, in addition to regular measurements, is acquired by their theoretical prediction. Since the amount of sediment affects a variety of different factors, it is practically impossible to take them into account in mathematical modeling. Even the consideration of several factors leads to a system of partial differential equations, the realization of which is a rather complex mathematical problem.

Modeling elastic-dynamic effects of the crust under nuclear power plant (on the example of Chornobyl NPP)

Purpose. The aim of study is to create the method of seismic wave fields modeling for a broad class of vertically and horizontally inhomogeneous layered media. Simulation will make it possible to more precisely assess the characteristics of sedimentary strata in the study of the transmission characteristics of the environment under the engineering structures. Methodology. At modeling in engineering seismology should be used a wide frequency range (from 0 to 200 Hz) to study all possible effects on engineering structures.