upper mantle

Density model of the Earth crust of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the PANCAKE profile

The purpose of the work is the analysis and geological-tectonic interpretation of the anomalous gravity field of the Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent territories, as well as the construction of a density model of the Earth's crust and upper mantle according to the international PANCAKE seismic profile. The need to build a density model along the PANCAKE profile is due to the significant interest of a number of geologists and geophysicists in the results of seismic research along this profile. It is also caused by certain discrepancies in the seismological models of different authors.

Geoelectric parameters of upper mantle in western Ukraine and around the observatory Pleschinitsa

The results of one-dimensional inversion of generalized curves of magneto-telluric and magneto-variational soundings in south-western region of the East European platform are shown. Existence of a conductive layer at depths exceeding 600 km is confirmed in large parts of Ukraine and Belarus. The resistance of upper mantle within the territory of Belarus at depths of 250-400 km is about 2 times lesser than in Ukraine, and is about 20 Ohmm in Belarus and 50 Ohmm in Ukraine. 

The terrain concept of evolution of the deep structure of Earth’s crust and upper mantle in the North-Sea of Okhotsk depression and in the adjacent land

Purpose. Using new data on the deep structure of the crust and upper mantle and on paleogeodynamics, resulting from complex interpretation, a model of platectonic development of the transition zone northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk – Eurasia was developed. To show the role of terrains in the development of Okhotsk microplate paleosubduction, appearance of Okhotsk-Chukchi volcanogenic belt and its latter closing.