Skyba nappe

Regional stress fields in the flysh deposits in the valley of the Rybnyk river determined by complex method of joints and slickensides studies

The article is devoted to the tectonophysical researches which are carry out in the valley of Rybnyk river right affluent of river Stryy. Research included the study of joints by structural parageneses and slickensides by kinematic methods in four thrust of Skyba nappe: Parashka, Malmanstalska, Zelemianka, Rozhanka. The stress fields after slickensides and joints on the basis of collected from outcroppings along the valley of this river tectonophysical data was reconstructed.

Stress fields in the flysh strata of the thrusts of Orivska, Skolivska and Parashka (by researches in the basin of the Sukil river)

In the article the first results of researches of joints and slickensides from outcroppings in the valley of the Sukil River are given. In 37 points of the flysh deposits of thrusts: Orivska, Skolivska and Parashka about 1100 intentions of joints and 90 intentions of slickensides are executed in the different deposits strata: from the Upper Cretaceous to Oligocene formations.

Reconstruction of cenozoic paleostress fields in the flysch complex of the Opir river valley (Skyba nappe, Ukrainian Carpathians)

Purpose. Reconstruction of paleostress fields, as evidence of many publications of different parts of the Carpathians, can carried out through research the most common brittle and semibrittle structure – joints, slickensides, faults, regional and local folds, or complex research of joints and slickensides. The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct the paleostress fields and deformation regimes of flysch deposits in Opir River Valley using complex analysis of joints and slickensides.