social values

The social and ecological factors of sustainable development of national economy

The social and ecological factors of sustainable development concept, connection of economic growth with social development are studied. The major social and ecological problems of the transition of the national economy of Ukraine on the principles of sustainable development are analysed.

The civil society as a philosophical and legal category: approaches to understanding

The article identifies the main approaches to understanding civil society as a philosophical and legal category, which allowed to show pluralism of this definition. The author analyzes the conceptual foundations of civil society in the history of philosophical and  legal discourse. It is substantiated that the invariant content of the concept of civil society remained the ideas of freedom, equality, justice, social values and virtues. It is emphasized that modern civil society is a guarantee of democratization and needs proper legal support in the context of globalization challenges.

Social-culturological aspects of competition

The social-cultural aspects of competition are highlighted as consistent pattern of its evolution. The role of social capital and social values in the competitive environment is emphasized. The accent is made on the refocusing of the key functions of the competition towards socialization. The importance of the development of fair competition, the emerging of the contemporary ethical competencies and culture of market behavior are stressed.

Moral and phenomenological character nature of law

The article deals with the moral nature of law as a social phenomenon that is a complete harmonious formation, because its most important task is to consolidate and combine those parts of the integrated world of the society and man which are being destroyed. Under the natural and legal approach law is analyzed as justice, perfection, and truth.