Mental criteria for classification positive law

In the article made theoretical analysis and comparative characteristics of the concepts of mentality, legal mentality.
An attempt was made of determining criteria by which classified the mentality of positive law of states, nations, nationalities using the following categories of theory and philosophy of law as “system of law,” “legal system” and “Family Law."

History becoming the concept of “legal metnaliteta”

Due to the current social transformation, the overall processes of globalization research focus shifted to the phenomena that has not made a scientific interest. In particular, the scope of lawmaking is now marked by a philosophical approach to the study of actual problems. For a comprehensive consideration of any and all legal phenomena are important characteristics of their individually oriented.

The substance of the legal nature of the national goverment

The article examines the place and role of the national state and the substance of the creative process. Particular attention is paid to the national spirit, national mentality and national consciousness of the individual in public-power mechanisms. Attempting to determine the national substance in transformational paradigm of modern society.