This article addresses the issue of noise and drift in microelectromechanical gyroscopes and their impact on measurement accuracy in engineering applications. The use of a complementary filter is proposed to combine information from the accelerometer and gyroscope to reduce inaccuracies. Research shows that the accelerometer has better result repeatability, which is important for obtaining stable measurements. At the same time, the gyroscope may be more effective in measuring translational movements.

Алгоритм керування двохосьовою платформою

Запропоновано алгоритм для керування стабілізацією положення двохосевої платформи з використанням біполярних крокових моторів, акселерометра та керуючого мікро- контролера.

In this paper, the authors have proposed the algorithm to control the stabilization position 2-axial platform using bipolar stepper motors, accelerometer and microcontroller.


The existing acceleration measuring methods are analyzed in the article. An overview of modern research on this topic is also provided. A new method of measuring acceleration in the form of an electrical circuit using a stable frequency generator is developed. Among the already known methods, the following three groups are highlighted in the analysis: methods based on compensatory accelerometers with discrete output; methods based on accelerometers with the analog-to-digital converter; measurement techniques, which use mounted elements.

A Software Service for the Garbage Type Recognition Based on the Mobile Computing Devices With Graphical Data Input

The article describes problems of determining the type and automatic sorting of household waste using mobile computing devices. All of the required hardware and partially software, required for implementation of this service, are already present in modern smartphones.

Development of Digital Compass Based on AVR Microcontroller and MEMS Accelerometer- Magnetometer Module LSM303DLHC

In the paper, the digital compass based on AVR  microcontroller has been developed using MEMS accelerometer-magnetometer LSM303DLHC. The structure and hardware of the digital compass have been developed. The calibration algorithms of the accelerometer and magnetometer of the LSM303DLHC module have been described. The calculation algorithm of the pitch and roll angles has been described. The heading calculation algorithm of the digital compass without tilt compensation and with tilt compensation has been described.

Accelerometer sensing element based on nanostructured silicon

In this work we consider sensing elements of an accelerometer which is made using the combined technologies of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures and silicon nanocrystals whiskers manufacturing. On their basis a quick-response, high sensitive to acceleration and displacement device with submicrometer and nanometer typological sizes has been designed.

Seismic observations at the temporary stations in the area around the Zaporizhzhya NPP

Purpose – to organize a temporary network of seismic observation tool for continuous collection of information on seismic events in the area of the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Methods. In the bomb shelter in the territory dispensary Zaporizhzhya NPP, organized a temporary observation points to maintain a register of certified seismometer seismic events GURALP CMG-40TD. Choosing a place for the installation of temporary seismic observation point due to occurrence of bedrock in this place at least in the area ZAES depth (about 8 m).