information security

Features of organizational and legal provision of information security in the conditions of war with russia

Abstract. The article, based on a theoretical and practical study of the essence and features of the regulation of information and legal relations in the conditions of russian aggression, focuses on the problematic issues of organizational and legal provision of information security as an activity aimed at the prevention, timely detection and termination of threats that destructively affect vital interests of the individual, society and the state in the information sphere.

Метод шифрування інформації на основі Ateb-функцій

Розроблено алгоритми та програмне забезпечення для шифрування інформації на основі теорії Ateb-функцій, що пропонується застосувати для захисту інформації. Шифрування здійснюється за допомогою числових значень Ateb-функцій на певному діапазоні. Для того, щоб збільшити надійність шифрування, розроблено алгоритм приховання ключа у файлі.

Information threats on the internet in the conditions of war in Ukraine: problematic issues of legal regulation

The article examines the issue of information security as a state of protection of the vital interests of a person, society and the state, in which damage should be prevented due to: incompleteness, untimeliness and implausibility of the information used.

Analysis of the security of on-board information systems in vehicles

The features of the functioning of the on-board information systems of a car are considered. Threats to their security are analyzed, and methods for ensuring information security and functional security of on-board information systems are proposed. The design of road networks in the organization of road traffic is one of the factors in ensuring the functional security of modern intelligent transport systems, that is, compliance with such information security attributes as data confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and novelty of data.

About one approach to increasing the security of computer systems against intrusion

The article considers an approach to increasing the security of computer systems from intrusion. The importance of the problem of information security and cybersecurity is substantiated. Strategies of attack and destructive actions used by intruders (hackers) are considered. 16 different attack and intrusion strategies are identified.

Legal principles of electronic commerce in social networks

The article examines the theoretical aspects of the concept of "e-commerce". It is noted that the regulatory framework of Ukraine in the field of e-commerce is in a state of rapid development. By signing the Association Agreement, Ukraine has undertaken considerable commitments, including ensuring the gradual adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to that of the European Union, in accordance with the areas set out in the Agreement, thus one of which is e-commerce.

Information and psychological war of Russia against Ukraine: how to counteract it

The question of using by the Russian Federation means and methods of information and psychological influence against Ukraine are considered, the reasons for lack of resistance to these actions are studied, specific approaches to protecting the national information field are suggested.

Administrative and legal nature of information security

The article considers issues related to the administrative and legal nature of information security of the population of Ukraine and its provision in the economic crisis, reducing social protection, increasing external threats from other countries and waging an information war against Ukraine by individual countries. It should be noted that the measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities to protect the state, its territorial integrity and the security of the country's population are timely.

State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic and Patriarch Joseph Slipiy: restoration of independence in the spiritual dimension

The article highlights that the research topic is relevant in the context of preparations for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. An in-depth comparative analysis of the political activity of the State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile and the religious activity of Patriarch J. Slipy was carried out.