density model

Density model of the Earth crust of the Ukrainian Carpathians along the PANCAKE profile

The purpose of the work is the analysis and geological-tectonic interpretation of the anomalous gravity field of the Ukrainian Carpathians and adjacent territories, as well as the construction of a density model of the Earth's crust and upper mantle according to the international PANCAKE seismic profile. The need to build a density model along the PANCAKE profile is due to the significant interest of a number of geologists and geophysicists in the results of seismic research along this profile. It is also caused by certain discrepancies in the seismological models of different authors.

GIS technologies in geophysical data interpretation by new interpretive gravimetry (NIG)

The introduction of elements of geographic information technologies in the process of interpretation of gravity anomalies led to the possibility of constructing three-dimensional density models every detail of the earth's crust. These models meet the criteria of Hadamard. The results obtained allowed to identify new and confirm the previously known patterns.

Density model of the Kolomiya paleovalley along geotravers SG-I (67) Nadvirna – Otyniya – Ivano-Frankivsk

Purpose. The aim of this paper is to clarify the deep structure and prospects of the oil and gas potential in the Kolomiya paleo-valley along the seismo-geotravers SG-I (67), which run along the line Nadvirna-Kolomiya-Otyniya-Ivano-Frankivsk. Seismo-geotravers SG-I (67) and partially covers the Borislav-Pokutsky cover, crosses the Sambor and Bilche-Volitsa zones, and enters the Eastern European platform.

On distribution of earthquakes relative to the density boundary in stratification of Earth’s crust (case study in selected areas of the North-East of Russia)

Purpose. Identify patterns in position earthquake hypocenters relative density stratification in the borders of the earth's crust. Methods. The methods of the new interpretative gravity anomalies by interpreting the gravity field is determined by the power of the earth's crust, forming the anomaly in the gravity field (Bouguer). In this border area forms a surface that separates two sector of the earth's crust. In its upper part, in the sector above the fixed surface, observed density change substance at the transition from one block to another in the horizontal direction.