magnetotelluric sounding

Geoelectrical image of the upper part of the Earth’s crust south-east of the Yana-Kolymskaya folded system and the characteristic peculiarities of the structure of gold nodes according to geophysical data

On the basis of interpretation of magnetotelluric sounding curves constructed geoelectric model of south-east of the Yana-Kolymskaya fold system. As a result of mapping of the deep geoelectrical parameters with data obtained by other methods, are identified generalized geological-geophysical criteria characterizing the gold units of the south-east of the Yana-Kolyma folded system.

Comparative analysis of graphic presentation of 3D models based on the magnetotelluric sounding data

A new three-dimensional data visualization program (TAR3D) was created by MATLAB environment. The features of the program have been shown on the example of two-dimentional magnetotelluric data modeling obtained in Kirovograd ore area. The comparison with the worldwide known world simular programs are carried out.

3D geoelectric model of the Zmiyinyi island

Purpose. Construction of three-dimensional geoelectric model of the Zmiyniy Island and the nearby waters of the northern Black Sea shelf. Methods. Methodology. The methodology of research is directly linked to the procedure of the three-dimensional geoelectric model construction. It involves the selection of the spatial parameters of the model and its cells, and the model is built against the background of the "normal" one-dimensional geoelectric section in this area.