seismotectonic process

Extensometric method on study of seismotectonic processes in source areas of Transcarpathians earthquakes

In the paper the history of development and methodical-apparatus supply and results of extensometric observations in the Beregovo hills area in Transcarpathians in particular in Mujievska (Grand Beregivska) mountain is shortly described. The method of separation and results of analysis of deformation anomaly – precursor of perceptible 1989 Vynogradovo earthquake is given. The changes of geomechanical regime of Mujievska mountain rocks massifs till and during and after this earthquake are traced.

Reflection of local, regional and global seismotectonic process in deformations of rocks of active tectonic structures and earthquake prognosis

Multiscale pre-, co- and post-seismic deformation processes from the local, regional and strongest world's earthquakes in the Earth lithosphere according to the extenzometric measurements on the short quarts extensometer of RGS “Beregove” in Ukrainian Transcarpathians are considered. Some features of the propagation of such strains in the Eurasia lithosphere are traced.