automated system

Realization of an Automated Accident Alert System

The possibility of creating an automated car accident alert system has been studied. Existing solutions are considered, their basic advantages and disadvantages are analyzed. It is determined that a general disadvantage of most existing systems is the lack of support in many regions of the world. The solution to this problem is implemented in the presented system. This system has supported different world regions, using the coordinates of the accident.

Cyber-Physical System of Parking Lot Operation

Multilevel structure of cyber physical parking lot operation system. Classification of the ways of driver identification has been given. The functions and algorithms of parking lot equipment unit’s work have been described. The succession of cars entering the parking lot has been shown. Structural scheme of parking equipment control board has been suggested. The calculation methods of the configuration parameters for cyber physical parking lots operation system have been produced.

Information Protection in the System of Competence-based Characteristics Increasing and Evaluation of Auditor’s Knowledge Level

Continuous increasing knowledge of auditors is very important and yet difficult task Implementation of new technologies and automation of the learning process much easier and even cheaper this task. However, the automation of the process increasing the competence of auditor entails a number of threats related to unauthorized access, damage or theft of the information contained in the system.

Mathematical model of elements of automated system of loose materials dosing

Automatic dosing system for loose materials is widely used in construction, food and pharmaceutical industries to prepare various mixtures. The main criterion for optimization of such systems is the accuracy of dosing of each component of the mixture, which depends on the speed component dosing and other process factors. Technological requirements for product quality in production and the high cost of individual components of the mixture strictly regulate the developers of the automated system loose materials size dosing errors.

Vending Cyber Physical Systems Architecture

In this work organization and principles of multilevel vending cyber physical systems (VCPS) development have been examined. VCPS purposes and functions on each level as well as interlevel interaction have been described, as well as the classification of vending machines has been offered. The results of analytical system work have been shown graphically.

An automated system for data processing and analysis of ultrasonic measurements of velocity anisotropy of elastic waves in rocks

The creation of automated system for mathematical modelling of ultrasonic seismic parameters for diagnostics of processes of geological environment destruction is actual geoinformatics problem. The automated system for data processing of ultrasonic measurements of elastic wave anisotropic velocities in rocks are created, which has practical sense for study of rock-collectors anisotropy and the nature of geodynamic processes and paleoreconstruction of deformative history of Earth’s crust.