Black Sea

About the medium value of potential W0 and its change at the time for the Black sea aquatorium

The article is devoted to the determination of the average value of the 1U0 potential for the Black Sea area according to satellite altimetric missions EE5-1, EC8-2, TOPEX / POSEIDON .  In addition, the TOPEX / POSEIDON data were used to estimate the linear trend (15 mm / year) of sea level changes and the corresponding component of the geopotential variation

Spatial and temporal variability of pollutants in the bottom sediments in the northwest part of the black sea

The level of pollution of the bottom sediments in the Northwest shelf of the Black Sea is examined. Modern data are compared with those of the late 20th century and their variability over 30 years. Substantial increase (by two orders) of copper, lead and nickel concentration has been marked.

Gravity and magnetic data inventory for investigation of the Black sea region

The paper presents an inventory of the available gravity and geomagnetic data for studying geological structures and geodynamical processes in the Black Sea region. A short analysis of the compiled free-air gravity anomaly map from in situ data of the sea is performed. The geomagnetic data acquisition over the Bulgarian territory and western part of the Black sea is presented. Some new sources of the gravity and geomagnetic data from satellite missions are indicated.