Using inverse filtering to increase the resolution IR images

The aim of the work is to increase the resolution of IR images obtained as a result of monitoring thermal objects. Methodology. It is known, an optical system сan not date a CCD point picture thermal object. Instead picture diffraction spots, have significant deterioration in quality thermal image which has a reduced effect with defraction. This is an urgent system task useful in the formative and processing signal.

Subpixel image processing in monitoring systems of visible wavelengths

This paper is devoted to considering of ways to improve the resolution, principles and methods of subpixel imaging technology, assessment of the development status and the latest research developments. Modern approaches to improving the spatial resolution as the main parameter of satellite images are based on algorithmic search and design solutions as the technology of manufacturing image sensors exhaust its potential for improvement. One of the major tasks of remote monitoring is to improve the quality of images, which is determined by parameters such as resolution.

Model of formation of local distortion of images

Physical process of blurring emergence has been analyzed. Model of local distortion formation, which emerges as a result of movement of an object of attention or a registration device, has been built. Mechanism of buffer area formation between moving object of forefront and immovable background, i.e. transition area between an area of full blurring and non-distorted area, has been studied.

Research of deconvolution operation use in reconstruction methods of local distortion elimination

Physical process of blurring emergence has been analyzed. Through conducted experiments it has been proved that image blurring formation is adequately described by the model based on convolution, i. e. wrapping. It is shown that blurring center or discrete function of point scattering comprises information about trajectory and uniformity of motion, which has caused an image distortion. It is determined that extremum number of averaged normalized column values of Fourier image distorted by artificial blurring correlates with parameters of blurring.