The article is devoted to the historical features of the formation of Vicheva Square in Lviv and its current state. The work focuses on the historical background of the square planning, its development during Soviet times and degradation as space nowadays. The main tasks are architectural approaches and ways of the renovation of the area.


Consideration of contemporary urban environment aesthetics is also closely linked to the category of heritage, which is growing in importance and is expanding. The concept of heritage itself is, in turn, a modern phenomenon that emerged only in the nineteenth century and is largely linked to the formation of political nations. Based on comparative analysis, has been traced the transformation of the concept of heritage in modern and postmodern discourse.

The Versatility of Ivan Levynsky’s Cultural Heritage

Attention is paid to the issues of the historical and cultural heritage of prominent figures of the Ukrainian past, its influence on cultural and socio-economic changes, transformational and processes of modernization in Ukraine, and to the formation of a distinctive national socio-cultural space in the modern conditions of Ukrainian state-building, growth of national consciousness and the manifestation of Ukrainian identity.

Official and unofficial look at contemporary Ukrainian cultural policy

Euromaidan and dignity revolution, which further continues, clearly show that without change in the national policy of culture change the country will be very difficult. It’s tactics and strategy formation space of life for the citizens of Ukraine, information about Ukrainian and country in the world, formed throughout history and established in today’s harmful and humiliating stereotypes, myths. Obviously the official state culture has long been not satisfied an active, creative part of society.

Historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine in civilizational dialogue

The article clarifies the conceptual apparatus of the study. The historical aspects of the formation of European civilization and cultural heritage have been analyzed. The role of cultural diplomacy in terms of national identity has been described. The importance of continuous dialogue and mutual national culture for the political, economic and cultural rapprochement between the peoples of Europe and the world were emphasized. The activity of Ukraine by updating the List of World historical and cultural heritage was examined.

Nature and Mission of Heritage in Modernity: Impacts of Nationalism

The topic of origin, nature and mission of the modern cultural heritage is considered. Heritage is an important source for other areas - culture, politics, economy. Can it only be a source? Let's try to prove that not only. The question is - can culture, politics or nationalism exist in the modern era without a legacy?


Vyacheslav Lipinsky, as the ideologist of the ukrainian conservatism

The article is devoted to the question concerning the analysis of contemporary political and legal views, ideological and theoretical scientific heritage by V.Lypynsky and his proposal to draft a sovereign and democratic Ukraine. Special attention is given for using of conservative ideology to build Ukrainian democratic, legal, prosperous European state.