relationship marketing

Key aspects of the customs quality assessment tool application on the basis of marketing

The key aspects of the provision and assessment of the quality of customs services by logistics operators are highlighted, in particular, the opportunities for improving such services are revealed. The relevance of the transition to the market principles of functioning and adaptation of customs services in accordance with the changing needs of consumers is substantiated.

Implementation of marketing concepts into supply chain management

The integration of strategic marketing approaches, particularly, in the sales unit of the supply chain, into other functional areas such as logistics and financе, in order to minimize target conflicts and achieve competitive advantages is substantiated in the article. The use of marketing – logistics approach to supply chain management is actualized. A critical review of modern marketing concepts is presented.

The importance of the client in forming marketing policy of communications in the market of hotel services

A complex of hotel product promotion is reviewed, the distribution of responsive group of consumers in the relationship marketing is characterized; stages, models of behavioral responses of buyers and the formation of communication goals are specified in the article.