risk management

International experience in regulating land relations and its adaptation in Ukraine

Abstract. The article reveals ways of adapting the international experience of regulating land relations in Ukraine. The experience of France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany was analyzed. It was found that Ukraine should search for its vectors of development of land relations, answering a large number of complex questions that will arise during this process.

The role of modern management technologies in ensuring competitiveness of the enterprise

The article is devoted to the study of modern management technologies in ensuring the competitiveness of the enterprise. A thorough study of theoretical positions and approaches to determining the technology and factors influencing the success of its implementation was conducted. The classification of innovative management decisions is generalized, which includes implementation, training, consulting, transfer and engineering, audit.

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Insurance Companies’ Risk Management

The theoretical and methodological principles of risk management of insurance companies in Ukraine are investigated in the article. The dynamics and features of the insurance market development are studied, the main tendencies are determined. The main risks that significantly affect the existence and development of insurance companies in recent years are external systemic risks — inflation, currency, credit, to such risks are often are added factors that can be called risks with great complexity.


Adopting socially responsible management practices of the organization promotes greater awareness in decision-making, based on a better understanding of society's expectations, anticipation of risks, and opportunities. Responsible management of an organization can improve its relationships with stakeholders. Encouraging compliance with regulatory obligations leads to decisions that are more likely to gain the support and trust of those who implement them and who they influence. The result can be improved risk management practices and improved reputation.

Risks of foreign economic activity: features and management methods these

At the current stage of development of the Ukrainian economy within the framework of international cooperation, an important aspect of functioning organisation is the awareness and education of both employees of the risk management department and all staff in the field of risk management that arise in the process of foreign trade operations. After all, timely response to a risk situation or to prevent the emergence of risks in foreign economic activities reduces potential losses in the future.

Risk management strategy

The purpose of the article is to determine the content of the risk management strategy and methodical approaches to formation her at domestic enterprises.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks were identified: clarification of the contents of the risk management strategy; formalization of the main models that determine the strategic behavior of risk management; approaches to the formation of risk management strategy; analysis of factors influencing the strategy of risk management; definition of the tasks of strategic risk-management of the enterprise.

The Role of Merchant Credit Insurance in Processes Stimulating the Economic Security of Companies

In the paper an attempt to present the role of merchant credit insurance in processes that affect the security of business operations of companies has been taken. As a part of the discussion, the areas and sources of the risks have been presented, their overall distribution has been taken into account, and particular attention has been paid to those that could be covered under insurance contracts concluded with credit insurers. The reasons underlying their use have been discussed, taking into account both the specificity of the risk and the benefits of its protection.

Logistics risks management of enterprises and approaches to their assessment

The article describes the issue of scientific approaches to risk management, methods of logistics risks evaluation, ways to improve the efficiency of enterprise logistics risks management. The stages of integration of risk management information system and enterprise software solutions on different levels of logistics chain management are characterized. An algorithm for logistics risks evaluation in case of PJSC "Carlsberg Ukraine" as one of the key stages of logistics risks management is offered in order to enhance the development of measures to minimize them

Conceptual principles of risk management in logistic system of enterprise

Theoretical principles of logistic risks are analyzed, description of logistic risk as an economic category is formed. Classification of logistic risks is offered, within its limits logistic risks are distinguished (by the types of streams and components of different level logistic system), and non-logistic risks – external (risks, the sources of which are suppliers, consumers and economic environment).

Marketing risks: essence and place in structure of Ukrainian enterpises risk-profile

Paper reveals the essence of marketing and risks in this sphere of business activity. External and internal forms of the marketing risks are discussed. Practically oriented formulation of marketing risks is given. The place of marketing risks in the structure of the enterprise risk profile which is calculated on the basis of results of research of risk management practice in activities of small and medium scale enterprises of Kiev (2005 – 2012) is shown.