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Project Portfolio Management in a Multi-project Environment

Creating a portfolio of projects is an important scientific and practical task that applies to all areas of human activity, and the field of information technology is no exception. Research has shown that there are multiple approaches to solving this task, each characterized by certain features. Known methods of resource allocation have been analyzed, classified, and shown to be primarily related to linear programming problems, resource distribution matrices, or based on empirical knowledge.

Algebras of algorithms for modeling the distribution of resources in IT projects

The distribution of resources is an important scientific and practical task, as it concerns all areas of human activity, the field of information technologies is no exception. A study was conducted, which showed that today there are many approaches to solving the given problem, each of which is characterized by certain features. Known methods of resource allocation are analyzed, their classification is given and it is shown that they are mainly defined as linear programming problems, resource allocation matrices or are implemented on the basis of empirical knowledge.

Toward new data for IT and IoT project management method prediction

Selecting the best project management method at the workplace helps to deliver a high-quality product to the customer.  Hence, the need for good knowledge of management methods, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, is necessary to be able to select the best for the specific project.  However, until now, no large dataset for Machine Learning and decision-making model, model or system has been proposed to help project managers to the most efficient method adapted to the constraints of their projects.  This work develops the construction of the dataset for agile and IoT projec

Comprehensive approach to training specialists in the area of engineering education

The article outlines advantages of applying a comprehensive approach to training specialists in the area of engineering education. Modern approaches to project management in production are analyzed, using the known experience of the European countries and the world. The basic tools of project management that are applied at all stages of implementation of engineering projects are described.

Relationship Between Conflict Management Strategies and Economic Growth of Organisation

Conflicts are considered to be the most unpredictable issues in organisations. It is mainly associated with the opposing of ideas and actions which results in causing a hostile state among the members that affects the performance of the organization. Hence, it is imperative for the organization to develop conflict management strategies for avoiding conflicts that can support in its growth. The aim of the following study is to evaluate the relationship between the conflict management strategies and economic growth of the organisation.


The article deals with the issues of effective project environment management in terms of globalization and convergence of information technologies. There is a diversity of approaches to the application of project management methods in organizations of different size or industry affiliation. At the subject level, the essence of adaptation and the need to apply this principle in modern conditions are revealed. The evolution of project management standards based on changes in PMBoK editions as the basic foundations of project management is shown.

Information technology of web-resources management based fuzzy logic

The method of content management as its life cycle stage based on fuzzy logic is proposed. The method of content management describes the commercial Web resources forming and automation technology that simplifies the content management. Ways and procedures of project decision making in management of commercial web-projects under conditions of incomplete and inaccuracy of some are described in the paper. Principal factors of project decision making were analyzed, reasons and nature of project characteristics of incomplete and inaccuracy are defined.

Consulting support of the project management development in conditions of society informatization

The article justifies the necessity of changing the management paradigm in the emerging information society. It is proved that project management is a determinant factor in cooperation of businesses during globalization. The processes of consulting environment formation as the basis of information support and the expansion of the project management application scope are analyzed. There are proposed measures to improve the project management methodology and to promote its dissemination.

Імовірнісні та імітаційні моделі планування та управління в мультипроектному середовищі

In the paper considered the models of project portfolio’s formation and the allocation of resources between the portfolio projects under uncertainty, their advantages and disadvantages, the impact of organizational structures and modern software development technologies to reduce the uncertainty level, substantiated the necessity to use imitation to obtain decisions on planning in multi-project environment, offered structure of the simulation model.