ecological management

Ecological safety as a component of the public policy of Ukraine: conceptual-terminological aspects

The basic approaches to the definition of the concept “ecological safety” are analyzed and their normative-legal interpretation is revealed. The components of ecological policy in a democratic society are considered. The peculiarities of the formation and implementation of ecological management in Ukraine are shown. The structure of ecological management is considered. The basic problems of ecological safety of Ukraine are found out.

Investigations into the essence and systems modeling of return and recycling material flows

The article is dedicated to the features of return and recycling material flows functioning. The expediency of reverse logistics tools introduction into an enterprise logistics activity in order to improve management of industrial and economic activity of an enterprise is grounded. The main results of the reverse material flows management concept implementation are considered to be rising costs of intangible assets (brand image), customer’s loyalty increase and ecological management implementing.

Ecological innovations in Ukraine

Opportunities of introducing ecological innovations in Ukraine directed at development, creation and implementation of innovations in the form of new products, technology, methods, and  forms  of  production  organization  are  analyzed.  It  is  proved  that  such  innovations implementation  will  help,  directly  or  indirectly,  reduce  the  eco-destructive  effect  of manufacturing and consumption on the environment as well as solve ecological problems.