systematic approach

Application features of a systematic approach to business processes modeling at the enterprise

Introduction. The application of a systematic approach to business process modeling is an effective solution for finding options for optimizing the organization’s activities, forecasting and minimizing potential risks. The correct construction of the model allows to systematize each individual process, and all business processes of the enterprise simultaneously. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the functioning of individual enterprises and to construct business processes in accordance with them.

Systematic approach to the fundamental training of managers as prerequisite for the formation of professional competence

 The article deals with the scientific and methodological approaches to the creation of knowledge in fundamental subjects during the training for the Bachelor’s degree in Management. It represents the author's interpretation of the systematic approach to the formation of high-quality professional knowledge through the basic education. 

Systematic approach in formation of conceptual principles of agrilogistics

The article deals with the issue of constructing agrilogistics concept based on a systematic approach. Current trends in the development of the agricultural sector show the necessity of an effective agrilogistics as the integrated control element. Basic principles of a systematic approach to the agrilogistics concept are defined.