Big data

Client-Server System for Parsing Data from Web Pages

An overview of the basic principles and approaches for extracting information and processing information from web pages has been conducted. A methodology for developing a client-server system based on a tool for automation of work in Selenium web browsers based on the analyzed information about data parsing has been created. A third-party API as a user interface to simplify and speed up system development has been used. User access without downloading additional software has been enabled. Data from web pages have been received and processed.


An overview of intelligent data processing methods in the systems of the Industrial Internet of Things is presented in this paper. A comparison of Big Data analysis methods in industrial systems with a significant load is provided. The methods of distributed machine learning for data processing are offered. A software model for data analysis of different volumes is developed in the work. The analysis of the basic approaches to the organization of machine learning is carried out: federal and undistributed.

Recommendation System for Purchasing Goods Based on the Decision Tree Algorithm

Over the past few years, interest in applications related to recommendation systems has increased significantly. Many modern services create recommendation systems that, based on user profile information and his behavior. This services determine which objects or products may be interesting to users. Recommendation systems are a modern tool for understanding customer needs. The main methods of constructing recommendation systems are the content-based filtering method and the collaborative filtering method.

Intellectual system of formation of personal educational trajectories in IT

The existing development of the educational field at the intermediate stage of secondary and higher education is analyzed. The idea of creating a kind of intellectual recommendation system for creation of personal educational trajectories is proposed. Statistically, it is fair to assume that the choice of a future profession depends on different factors, but the basis is always grounded on at least an average level of success in the relevant subject areas.

Methodology for the Construction of Predictive Analysis Systems as Exemplified by the Mining Equipment In the Big Data Environment Using Smart Agents And Cybernetic Systems

It is necessary to determine the optimal methodology for the system of predictive analysis of equipment to prevent emergency situations. The system may include, in particular: data input/reading from sensors, processing/storage of information in a database using algorithms for processing Big Data and decision trees [1]. Identifying possible types of problems and making decisions on how to respond to them; training the system for more accurate response and decision-making.

Big Datamodels for E-commerce Systems

Generalized structural model of Big Data information resource for e-commerce systems developed in this paper. The analysis and substantiation of possibility and expediency of use of the Big Data in the processes of e-commerce performed. Concept of metascheme for control of access to Big Data source developed. Application of such metascheme allows to form a subset of data resource relevant to a certain type of e-commerce tasks.

A New Computational Model for Real Gains in Big Data Processing Power

Big data and high performance computing are seen by many as important tools that will be used to advance science. However, the computational power needed for this promise to materialize far exceeds what is currently available. This paper argues that the von Neumann computational model, the only model in everyday use, has inherent weaknesses that will prevent computers from achieving the envisaged performance levels. First, these weaknesses are explored and the properties of a computational model are identified that would be required to overcome these weaknesses.

Ranking the social media platform user pages using Big Data

The platforms of the social media of the Internet, depending on their content have been analyzed in the paper. The classification that allows selecting groups by specific one's signs has been made.  To rank the pages of users of virtual communities, it is suggested to use a modified PageRank algorithm.  An approach based on the use of lexical analysis and algorithm for ranking and organizing data using the MapReduce paradigm is developed.

Classification of methods for the big data analytics

This article describes the features of classification methods and technologies, analytics Big data. Described group of methods and technologies, analytics Big data that are graded according to the functional relationships and formal model of information technology. The problem of the definition of ontology concepts analytics Big data.