Метод використання онтологій у петлі OODA

In the paper the behavior of an intelligent agent in a competitive environment is investigated in the paper. The OODA loop is chosen for behavior simulation. The interaction of OODA loop stages (observation, orientation, decision support, action) with the ontology of tasks and subject area in which the agent operates was explored.

Застосування онтологій і метамоделей для динамічної інтеграції слабоструктурованих даних

This paper reviews the opportunities of the use of ontologies and meta-models for the creation of the system of dynamic integration of semistructured data. The process of the converting semistructured data into the structured information has been described. The dynamic integration of semistructured data at different levels of complexity (physical, logical and global) has been considered.

Проблема автоматизованої розбудови базової онтології

In the paper the method of the automatic development of ontology has been developed. A method, algorithm and means for selection of knowledge from the text document is proposed. It is shown that this algorithm has to be multistage and involve hierarchical recognition procedure of concepts, relations, predicates and rules which are included into the resulting ontology.

Метод оцінювання якості онтологій баз знань інтелектуальних систем на основі ISO/IEC 25012

The importance of ontology within concepts of the knowledge base and intelligent systems is considered in the article. Standard ISO/IEC 25012 has been offered for evaluation of ontologies qualities of knowledge bases of intelligent decision support systems.

Semantic search and storage of data of scientific and technical information system

This paper describes the semantic search and storage of data of scientific and technical information system. The proposals of semantic structuring of the content of scientific and technical information system with explicitly structured representation of semantic relations between information objects contained in the system have been presented. The main components of the mathematical model of ontology of scientific and technical information system for semantic search and storage of scientific and technical information resource have been determined.

Ontology data cleansing

This article describes the steps to clear data in the DSS. The ontology concepts of clear data were proposed and described. The analysis of methods and data cleansing technology were carried out at every stage of the process, taking into account its features. Built The ontology of data cleaning techniques for methodological systematization of functional elements in the implementation model of DSS was built.