data warehouse

Development of Interactive Web Application Using Non-relational Database

The interactive web application which consist of database, data warehouses, progressive mobile application and main web interface has been developed. It gives an opportunity create, send and the other proceed users' requests and also review, change, delete and transfer component elements, manage additional functions which are not available for simple user. The other important specification of developed app is ability to work offline.

Principles of constructing a software system of the aggregated data formation

This paper is devoted to the principles of constructing a software system of the aggregated data formation. The main principles of constructing a software system of the aggregated data formation are considered and their comparative analysis are carried out. An alternative principle of constructing a software system is proposed. This principle of constructing allows to eliminate the problems of fast and reliable data processing, scaling, automation of the software system components, improve data quality and security.

Види архітектури систем підтримки прийняття рішень

Description of architecture of the system of support of decision-making is offered in the article. The analysis of types of architecture is conducted, architecture of informative resource of the systems of support of decision-making, which is based on principles of construction of depository of information is considered.

The data warehouse construction for decision support system for designing distributed energy systems

This paper discusses the problems that arise when working with disparate data sources using database. The model of data warehouse is presented as way of integrating and processing data from disparate sources while creating a decision support system for the design of distributed energy systems.

Aspects manifestation of uncertainty in the process of developing decision support systems

This article describes the classification and approaches to the construction of DSS that take into account various aspects of the uncertainty of the development of DSS. Features of the classification were proposed and described. Generalized classification of DSS was improved. The analysis of the types of architecture, architecture reviewed information resource decision support systems, based on the principles of building a data warehouse.

Консолідований інформаційний ресурс економічних показників регіону

In this article information from the management objects regarding the data consolidation processes obtained from both internal and external sources is collected and analyzed. On this basis data warehouse is built. Integration and analysis means of diverse input data of the region economic sphere are developed.

Ontology data cleansing

This article describes the steps to clear data in the DSS. The ontology concepts of clear data were proposed and described. The analysis of methods and data cleansing technology were carried out at every stage of the process, taking into account its features. Built The ontology of data cleaning techniques for methodological systematization of functional elements in the implementation model of DSS was built.